When the Heft Comes in Handy

Yesterday we explored some of the differences between the metaphorical David and Goliath. The advantages inherent in being the nimble, smaller organization that moves quickly in the face of an immediate challenge versus the competitive power, leverage, and reach of a larger business.

Image belongs to Emeritus Senior Living, and was captured from their Blues Busters info page.

Sure, everybody can embrace and relate to the underdog story, but the big guy can get it right too, and a great example is a campaign called The Blues Busters.  It achieves on a national level, having performed its primary function about 70,000 times since its inception, the goal of helping America’s seniors fight depression, and it kicks into high gear at the time of year when many people are emotionally most vulnerable.

Emeritus Senior Living (NYSE: ESC), one of the largest senior living providers in the US, sends members of its Blues Busters team to visit seniors in their homes.  They provide help to those seniors to combat depression, which tends to be much more prevalent in the autumn and winter when days become shorter, and to which seniors are much more susceptible.  By encouraging more exercise and engagement with others, and providing resources to help further both, the Blues Busters are helping independent seniors lead more active lives with more to which they can look forward.  For seniors who have a harder time traveling, and whose families are far from them, the holidays can be a difficult time and interaction with others becomes even more important.

In Emeritus, we not only see an organization with the ability to get the word out to their target audience, but with a footprint of over 500 locations across the country, they can mobilize their teams to meet the growing Blues Busters demand.  They also invite seniors to visit their communities to be with others and enjoy exercise classes, salon days, social activities, and even a meal at no charge.

I am on the lookout for a small organization that performs a similar function on a local level, so we can explore what advantages may come with that circumstance. In the meantime, this is a definitely a case where size is clearly an advantage.

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