Thanks, or no thanks?

To thank or not to thank

Credit for this cartoon belongs to Jay Dolan at The Anti-Social Media.

Among those of us who prospect all the time, and then, if we’re lucky, land an appointment with someone who seems like a great fit, it seems natural to offer some thanks when you start that presentation. A simple, “Thanks for having us in today,” before you launch into the substance is almost reflexive. But veteran sales expert Kelley Robertson from, of whom I’m a follower, says no.

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I’m not sure I agree. According to Mr. Robertson, “This behavior diminishes your credibility and puts you in a submissive position. Plus, it doesn’t any add value to the presentation.” Okay, with the last part I certainly concur, it’s not going to make your presentation stronger. But to give a nod to the prospect’s recognition of the value of what you have to present, or your credibility in the industry, by letting you in the door, do you really find yourself in a submissive position? I would go so far as to say that acquiescing dominance in that way is a sign of confidence that would breed confidence in return. What do you think?

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