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So Which One is It, Malcolm?

I’ll admit to my fandom for Malcolm Gladwell. Critics of his analysis dismiss him as an oversimplifier of complex ideas, but I view the tactic as making such ideas accessible to more people and bringing better conversations to cocktail parties (as much as that sounds hypothetical, it is a practical observation).  But this time he […]

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Well, I Never Said That…

We buy, and we sell, results. Sure, sometimes there is neat and shiny stuff wrapped around those results, but usually there is a byproduct beyond the thing itself that we’re after when we decide to make a purchase. When you buy a Ferrari, you buy the notion that you can drive a 12-second quarter mile. You […]

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How Much Creativity is Too Much?

We always love to see marketers get creative and set themselves apart from the competition. This example is from a German landscaping company looking to convey their green thumb. Do you think they succeed in doing so by covering their company car in astroturf? Or does it make you fear that their answer to your […]

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Direct Mail Best Practices

Since it is natural in senior living that most providers grow their business from the operation, outward, you’re not along if you’re looking for some tips to help get more out of your marketing.  To help your direct mail expertise catch up to the level of care your facilities deliver, here are a few best practices […]

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What Bruce Lee Teaches Us About Marketing

You could use a lot of tags to describe Bruce Lee: Actor, fighter, icon, action film legend, those are just a few of the obvious ones. Professor of marketing? Well, the lessons are where you find them, young Lao. Bruce Lee, after all, overcame one of the most improbable marketing challenges in history: Sell an […]

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