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Is a Marketing Asset Management Solution like Smart Store Pro right for your business?
Answer these questions to find out:

How much do you spend per year with production suppliers for marketing materials (marketing collateral documents, direct marketing materials, promotional items, and point-of-sale materials)? (Do not include amounts paid to “creative” firms such as advertising agencies, graphic designers, etc.)

How many salespeople and/or sales channel partners (resellers, dealers/distributors, wholesalers, etc.) do you support with marketing materials?

How many distinct marketing materials do you use? (This question refers to the number of distinct marketing items, not the quantity of each item used. For example, you may use 2,000 copies of a given product brochure in a typical year, but the brochure counts as one item.)

How many production suppliers do you use for marketing materials?

What percentage of your marketing materials do you throw away or stop using each year because they become obsolete?

How many requests/orders (from salespeople and/or sales channel partners) for marketing materials do you receive, process and fulfill?

On average, how long does it take to fulfill requests for marketing materials (from order receipt to shipping)?

How much time do you spend managing your inventory of marketing materials?

How many square feet of building space do you devote to the storage of marketing materials?

Which of the following best describes your use of and/or need for customized marketing materials?

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  • Is a Marketing Asset Management Solution Right for My Company?

    This evaluation is from Is a Marketing Asset Management Solution Right for My Company?

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