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The Unappreciated Art of Efficiency

Is there anything sexier in business than process improvement? Okay, sure. Lots of things: A hit product, explosive growth, taking a company public. Suddenly the nebulous undertaking that is process improvement doesn’t seem like the thing that’s going to earn you a windfall. It just does not scream success the same way as those other […]

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When the Heft Comes in Handy

Yesterday we explored some of the differences between the metaphorical David and Goliath. The advantages inherent in being the nimble, smaller organization that moves quickly in the face of an immediate challenge versus the competitive power, leverage, and reach of a larger business. Sure, everybody can embrace and relate to the underdog story, but the […]

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So Which One is It, Malcolm?

I’ll admit to my fandom for Malcolm Gladwell. Critics of his analysis dismiss him as an oversimplifier of complex ideas, but I view the tactic as making such ideas accessible to more people and bringing better conversations to cocktail parties (as much as that sounds hypothetical, it is a practical observation).  But this time he […]

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Well, I Never Said That…

We buy, and we sell, results. Sure, sometimes there is neat and shiny stuff wrapped around those results, but usually there is a byproduct beyond the thing itself that we’re after when we decide to make a purchase. When you buy a Ferrari, you buy the notion that you can drive a 12-second quarter mile. You […]

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Thanks, or no thanks?

Among those of us who prospect all the time, and then, if we’re lucky, land an appointment with someone who seems like a great fit, it seems natural to offer some thanks when you start that presentation. A simple, “Thanks for having us in today,” before you launch into the substance is almost reflexive. But […]

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